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Cast Iron

The Essence of Sui Sang Hong

We are dedicated to being an explorer of high-quality cookware, flatware, kitchen accessories, and housewares items and is committed to following the most stringent quality requirements and being safe to cook with, allowing home chef like you to thrive in the kitchen. We are taking this on as one of its core values.


Talk directly to the craftsman, 

which guarantees manufactured in the origin of products are belong to.


 Strive to explore all-new design, 

delicate and durable cookware, helping everyone’s cooking journey easier than ever.

Our team

 We are a group of adventurers who loves cooking and are also eager to be the first person to bring the amazing kitchenware to  Hong Kong.  We may not be good at storytelling but love to do a lot of experiments, especially in the kitchen. We love to share our thought and recipe with all of you. Stay Tuned

Ecommerce Team

To maintain around-the-clock and convenient online service, letting you grab the high-quality cookware that you need.

Marketing Team

We love sharing, communicate and giving through our social media channels. Empower every home chef cook delicious same as we do.

Design Team

They love to create beautiful websites. As well as a comfortable and happy online shopping experience.

I.T. Team

I.T. support s all about writing code and support websites, applications and other digital platforms. No doubt, HTML and JavaScript is their second language in daily life

Merchandising Team

Exploring high-quality, innovative and reliable kitchenware, cookware and house appliance, to introduce goodies in your cooking life.